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Dr. R.K Sharma

Dr. R.K Sharma

Dean Paramedical Allied Health Sciences


Dr. R.K Sharma is a professor of Occupational Therapy. He has worked with hundreds of geriatric patients, designing and executing treatment plans for clients with fractures, hip and knee replacements, CVAs, burns and amputations. I have also worked with pediatric patients, providing acute care OT services for children with a variety of traumas, surgeries, and illnesses. Area of interest is Research in field of Musculoskeletal, Designing Splints, Designing Splints, Neuro Rehabilitation, Ergonomics, Sports Injury. 20 National & international papers. PIONEER IN DEVELOPING EVALUATION OF FUNCTIONAL PERCENTAGE DISABILITY IN INDIAN CONDITION.


Research in field of Musculoskeletal

Designing Splints

Sports Injury

Neuro Rehabilitation


45 years Teaching and Clinical