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Dr. Rajiv Verma

Dr. Rajiv Verma

Associate Professor (General Surgery)


Dr. Rajiv Verma is a professor of General Surgery. He has completed MBBS MS FIAGES. Department her speciality interest is General Surgery, Minimal invasive surgery, GI surgery, Plastic Surgery, Endocrine Surgery. Completed training in NSV, held at Family Welfare Centre, LNJP Hospital, Delhi from 10th to 14th Mar 2008 as Senior Resident. Research and  Publications: 2 as main/corresponding Author 5 as extra Author. He has worked as SR on Regular Basis from 20-06-2006 to 3-4-2008 in Deptt. of General Surgery in Aruna Asaf Ali Govt Hospital, Delhi 54.


General Surgery , Minimal invasive surgery , GI surgery , Plastic Surgery , Endocrine Surgery.

14 years. 

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