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Dr Monika Sharma

Dr Monika Sharma

Associate Professor(Physiotherapy)


Dr. Monika Sharma is an Associate Professor, PhD Scholar, MPT Neurology at Santosh Medical College & Hospital. She is certified in NDT Therapy, PNF & other Neurology Therapies. She has an expertise in Treating Neurological conditions like Spinal cord injury patients,Stroke patients as well as Paediatric cases and having good Exposure of NICU,ICU.

Her Areas of interest are Paediatric cases for rehabilitation, Neurological cases for rehabilitation, Orthopaedic cases for rehabilitation, Cardiorespiratory cases.



  • 11 years



  • Total 11 National and International Publications.


  • Paediatric cases for rehabilitation
  • Neurological cases for rehabilitation
  • Orthopaedic cases for rehabilitation,
  • Cardiorespiratory cases.

  • Total Academic Experience - 11 years

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