Dr. Sohini Ghosh

Dr. Sohini Ghosh

Assistant Professor


  • 2.5 years  

Area of expertise

My expertise in Neonatology, focusing on the care of newborns and premature infants, as well as Developmental Pediatrics, dealing with the assessment and management of developmental and behavioral issues in children. 


Dr. Sohini Ghosh is a Disciplined, confident and empathetic physician with extensive experience in hospitals, clinics and rural settings. Committed to providing excellent care and service to patients with dedicated professionalism, striving to maintain high standards of medical care. Sound knowledge in treating and counselling patients with strong background in both - elite as well as low-income population. Adept at delivering written and oral presentations to group experts; motivating members of a team towards a commongoal. 


  • ost Doctoral Fellowship in Neonatology  


  • Post Doctoral Fellowship in Neonatology  
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