Dr. Shivanshu Mittal

Dr. Shivanshu Mittal

Assistant Professor


  • BBS, MS, DNB
  • 7 Years Experience

Area of expertise

Expertise in Joint Replacements and Trauma, specialized in performing surgical procedures for joint replacements and managing traumatic injuries. Proficient in providing comprehensive care to improve patients' mobility and quality of life.


Dr. Shivanshu Mittal worked as consultant orthopaedic and joint replacement surgeon. He has done two fellowships in arthroplasty. He had passed my MS in 2016 and DNB in 2017. He has worked as assistant professor for 3yrs 5 months.He is a member of international Orthopaedic association which includes AO and SICOT. He has done AO trauma , ATLS, BLS and ACLS courses as well.


  • Fellowship in arthroplasty
  • Fellowship in arthroplasty and arthroscopy


  • I have done over a thousand replacement and over a thousand trauma surgeries
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