Dr. Ramesh Chandra Babu

Dr. Ramesh Chandra Babu

SR. Radiographer Radio-diagnosis


  • 18 Years Experience

Area of expertise

  • All type of CT&MR Investigation
  • Maintaining department and guiding RDIT Course,
  • Special and Investigation in X-ray Mammography,
  • CARM,
  • CT-Scan,
  • MRI
  • Specialization in MRCP
  • Multiparametric-MRI in diagnosis of prostate cancer
  • CA- Brest
  • Brain spectroscopy
  • MR Tripe phase
  • Angiography in MRI


Mr. Ramesh Chandra Babu , our esteemed Senior Radiographer in the Radiology Department. With 18 years of experience and expertise in DMRD&IT, he has been a driving force behind the successful execution of routine X-rays and specialized investigations, including CT and MR investigations. Mr. Babu's proficiency in X-ray Mammography, CARM, CT-Scan, MRI, and his specialization in MRCP, multiparametric-MRI for prostate cancer diagnosis, CA-Breast, brain spectroscopy, MR triple-phase, and angiography in MRI, truly adds value to our department. We extend our warmest regards to Mr. Ramesh Chandra Babu for his outstanding contributions and dedication in maintaining the department's standards and guiding RDIT courses.


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