Dr. Manish Kumar Sharma

Dr. Manish Kumar Sharma

Sr. Consultant


  • 10 Year Experience 

Area of expertise

Expertise in Respiratory Medicine, specializing in diagnosing and treating various respiratory conditions and diseases. Proficient in managing respiratory disorders and providing comprehensive care to improve patients' lung health and overall well-being. 


Dr. Manish Sharma is an accomplished intensive-based chest specialist. After his post-graduation from BJMC, Pune, He has earned the prestigious European Diploma in Adult Respiratory Medicine & is one of the youngest Asians to earn this award. 

He has a gold medalist in his academic specialty. Besides being a perfectionist in his clinical acumen and skill as an interventional pulmonologist, He is a Mentor for HERMES Society Europe. His area of Interest includes Interventional Pulmonology, Thoracoscopy-Rigid/Flexible, Bronchoscopic intervention–TBLB/TBNA/EBLB, Lung biopsy, Pleural catheterization, and Critical Care Medicine. 


  • European Diploma in Respiratory Medicine  
  • European diploma In Critical care Medicne 
  • FCCP 
  • FCCS 
  • More than 25 Publications in different journal of repute 


  • Member of European Respiratory Society 
  • Member of American College Of Chest Physcian 
  • Member of European Society Of Critical Care 
  • Member of Indian Society Of Critical Care 
  • Member of ECHMO Society of India 
  • Member of End Of Life Care Palladium India 


  • Awarded Silver Sponshorship by European Respiratory Society (ERS) 
  • Mentor for Prestigious HERMES Exam – European Diploma In Resp[iratory Medicine 
  • Speaker & Chairperson in National Level Confrencse of Chest and critical Care Society 
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