Dr. Gaurav Dwivedi

Dr. Gaurav Dwivedi

Professor & Head


  • More than 18 years
  • Passed MBBS 2000
  • MD 2005 from JNMC AMU ALIGARH

Area of expertise

My expertise in administering anesthesia and managing pain during surgical procedures.I have expertise in monitoring patients' vital signs and ensuring their safety and comfort throughout the surgery.


Dr. Gaurav Dwivedi is a distinguished medical professional serving as the Professor & Head of the Anesthesia Department at Santosh Hospital. With over 18 years of experience, he has established a remarkable reputation in the field. He earned his MBBS degree in 2000 and completed MD in 2005 from JNMC, AMU Aligarh. Dr. Dwivedi's expertise lies in the administration of anesthesia and effective pain management during surgical procedures. He excels in monitoring patients' vital signs, ensuring their safety, and contributing significantly to the medical community's well-being.


Published 10 papers in national and international journals

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