Dr. Deepshikha

Dr. Deepshikha

Dietician ( Assistant professor)


  • M.Sc food and Nutrition (PhD) 
  • 10 year Experience  

Area of expertise

My expertise in providing expert dietary and nutrition advice to patients with various medical conditions, promoting their overall health and well-being. 


"Therapeutic Nutrition and OPD counseling Therapeutic nutrition involves studying what nutrients are necessary for your body to function and how what you eat affects your health. Treatment based on nutrition. It includes checking a person’s nutrition status, and giving the right foods or nutrients to treat conditions such as those caused by diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. It may involve simple changes in a person’s diet, or intravenous or tube feeding. Nutrition therapy may help patients recover more quickly and spend less time in the hospital. Also called medical nutrition therapy. 

Nutrition counseling is a two-way interaction between a patient and their provider. Under the guidance of a  dietitian, patients learn how to interpret the results of their nutritional assessment and how to incorporate a variety of well-balanced nutrients into healthy, economical, and flavorful meals and snacks. Patients can gain an understanding of the impact that nutrition has on their health status and modify their behavior to focus on practical lifestyle changes to reach nutritional goals. Patients benefit from establishing and maintaining personal goals that lead to a healthier lifestyle overall."

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