Dr. Ashok Sharma

Dr. Ashok Sharma

Pro- Vice chancellor Deemed to be University and Professor Head


  • 33 Years’ Experience 

Area of expertise

Specializing in the interpretation and analysis of medical imaging such as X-rays, CT scans, MRI, ultrasound, and nuclear medicine studies. Utilizing advanced technology and expertise to diagnose and provide crucial insights for comprehensive patient care and treatment planning. 


With 22 years of experience, I have excelled in Neuro Radiology, Cardiac Radiology, and Gastro Radiology, interpreting complex imaging studies for precise diagnoses and treatment planning. Additionally, I possess expertise in Interventional Radiology, performing minimally invasive procedures to deliver innovative and effective patient care. 


Recipient of numerous awards and fellowships in Radiology for outstanding contributions to medical imaging interpretation. Also recognized for contributions to social fields, demonstrating a commitment to community welfare and development. 

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