Dr. Asheesh Kumar Saxena

Dr. Asheesh Kumar Saxena

Technician Radio diagnosis


  • Diploma in X-RAY
  • 10 years experience

Area of expertise

  • Special and Investigation in X-ray Mammography,
  • CARM,
  • CT-Scan,
  • MRI
  • Specialization in MRCP
  • Multiparametric-MRI in diagnosis of prostate cancer
  • CA- Brest
  • Brain spectroscopy
  • MR Tripe phase
  • Angiography in MRI


Mr. Asheesh Kumar Saxena, our esteemed Radiology Technician, Who has been an integral part of our Radiology Department for the past 10 years. Mr. Saxena holds a Diploma in X-RAY and has gained extensive experience in various radiological procedures, including X-ray Mammography, CARM, CT-Scan, and MRI.

His expertise also extends to MRCP, making him an invaluable asset to our team. Mr. Saxena's dedication and proficiency in his work have consistently contributed to the smooth functioning of our department and the quality of patient care we provide.


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