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Bid Adieu To Critical Care Complications

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24 March 2023 | Select Doctor

Critical care alludes to situations in which people are experiencing life-threatening health complications and require immediate medical attention. Intensivists are doctors who work in critical care units and provide their medical knowledge to treat patients in life-threatening circumstances.             

These doctors distinguish from other medical practitioners in that they have particularly unique knowledge and supervision to deal with a variety of cases, including evaluating and managing a patient's serious medical condition and making appropriate decisions to reduce risk factors within a few hours of admittance.

What Distinguishes Critical Care Across Various Hospitals?

Advanced super facility hospitals, such as ours, always construct and develop their intensive care units so that doctors may provide the finest treatment to patients in such circumstances. Critical care beds are available in these units, allowing patients to receive more intensive and focused care based on their health problems.

These units follow international intensive care protocols and make all of the necessary arrangements. Medical specialists, including doctors, surgeons, and nurses, are constantly monitoring the unit.

How Santosh hospitals Cater The Better Narrative

Our hospital's main goal in this area is to:

  • Suffering / Morbidity Rates Must Be Reduced
  • Reduce the time spent in the intensive care unit (ICU)
  • Make each patient's infection rate zero
  • Patients receive 1:1 nursing care around the clock so that their condition could be checked at all times and they can receive the necessary medical assistance.

There are numerous cases in which patients are suffering from critical diseases such as heart failure, cerebral palsy, heart block, or a sudden stroke, among others. In such circumstances, they require prompt medical attention. Some patients may also need assistance with hypertension/hypotension, airway or respiratory impairment (ventilator support), acute renal failure, cardiovascular arrhythmias, or the progressive consequences of organ failure, often known as multiple organ dysfunction syndromes. These patients cannot be treated in the hospital's main wards because they require specialized treatment in a high-risk environment. This is why Santosh Hospital's sophisticated expertise always has a critical care unit or CCU where such patients can be admitted and treated.

What Ignites The Need Of Critical Care?

If a patient's health is no longer viewed as stable, they are frequently sent to the ICU from an emergency room or a standard unit. Here are some of the most prevalent situations that necessitate critical care:

  • Heart problems
  • Lung problems
  • Infections that are resistant to antibiotics
  • Organ failure
  • Infections of the blood
  • Brain trauma

The ICU and critical care units of Santosh Hospitals are manned with a multidisciplinary team of doctors that are competent in providing life-saving treatment in a variety of medical fields. In particular, to safeguard patients from developing illnesses, the ICU facilities are sterilized on a regular basis. The monitoring systems are cutting-edge, and they offer patients in an emergency the first degree of diagnostic screening.

In a time-sensitive condition, doctors in the ICU and critical care unit undertake a comprehensive diagnosis and refer each case to a specialist who will continue the treatment.

Critical Care At Santosh Hospitals

To provide such superior medical care in such urgent conditions, we have gathered all the necessary resources. These are the factors that enable us to improve services on a daily basis, and patients may rely on their solutions.

  • Doctors of the highest caliber with extensive experience in intensive care.
  • Sophisticated technology allows doctors to keep track of their patients' ailments.
  • Devices that assist doctors in providing treatment and tracking patient progress.
  • Apart from the doctors, there is a skilled intensive care crew that may assist the doctors throughout the acute medical treatment.
  • Santosh Hospital is one such location where you may find a high-end critical care unit for a variety of serious medical necessities.

Santosh Hospital also pays heavy emphasis on nurse training, standardizing care through treatment guidelines, and identifying ethical and financial challenges relating to critical care, rendering it one of the finest critical care hospitals.

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